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Welcome to Bosphorus Night Tours , the city's leading boat sightseeing and dining cruises experience on Bosphorus.

Offering scheduled Bosphorus boat sightseeing cruises and dining cruise experiences, Bosphorus Night Tour Organisation's repertoire includes many different boat sightseeing cruises of Bosphorus, Golden Horn, Black Sea, Prince's Islands, and Lunch - Dinner cruises as well as Exclusive Hire and Private Dining.

Combining quality dining, superb entertainment and spectacular views from Bosphorus, our unique boat sightseeing and dining cruises capture the excitement of this great city from a truly special perspective.

Gliding past Istanbul's best-loved sights, Bosphorus Night Tour Organisation's cruises are a momentous and memorable way to experience the city..

With daily cruise departures from Golden Horn port and Kabatas Piers, guests are offered two ways hotel and boat transfers included and a dedicated reception area, easy access to boats, making your experience with us a smooth-running one.

Carrying over 6.000 tourists a year from different countries all over the world such as Spain, England, Germany, Italy, Russia etc., and offering our well-known hospitality and services preferred even by the local travel agents and incoming tour operators, Bosphorus Night Tours is the main Sightseeing Tour Operator for guaranteed departure tours.

Pravite tours are organised with assured expertise with a wide portfolio of licensed guides.

We shall feel more than happy to host you in our country.